Vocational training on design, manufacture and validation of custom-made orthopaedic, oral and cranio-maxillofacial devices View larger

Vocational training on design, manufacture and validation of custom-made orthopaedic, oral and cranio-maxillofacial devices


The main objective of the course is to respond to the current surgeons demand for medical devices highly adapted to patient’s needs. Fully customisation of this devices enables greater structural, functional and biological biocompatibility with the patient, enabling longer implant life-times; improved aesthetics, performance and patient comfort leading to improved quality of life; and often enable quicker and less invasive surgical operations; thus demonstrating higher-added value.

Additionally, the introduction of additive manufacturing technologies to medical device industry enables the manufacture of custom-made implants in a cost-effective manner within reasonable deadlines.

Dates: From 1st October to 1st December 2020
Modality: e-learning
Duration: 55 hours

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  • Engineers and designers of medical devices, dental prosthetists, medical professionals (orthopedic and maxilofacial surgeons), technical and R&D managers, bioengineers and students of health sciences.


  • To ensure that medical device designers receive valuable education and training throughout their professional careers in relation to the design, manufacture and validation of customised m Addressed edical devices.


Module 1: Introduction to custom-made medical products
Module 2: Patient data capture methods and formats. The 3D model of the patient
Module 3: Surgical planning
Module 4: Custom-made product design
Module 5: Mechanical and functional simulation (FEM)
Module 6: Materials
Module 7: Manufacturing processes for custom-made medical devices
Module 8: Quality assurance systems
Module 9: Standards and regulations affecting custom product requirements


The course is taught by members of Biomechanical Assessment and Training of the IBV. Among the professionals that are integrated are university doctors, physicians specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Legal and Forensic Medicine, physiotherapists, podiatrists, engineers, pedagogues and graduates in Information Sciences, with extensive teaching experience and in the application of methodologies of biomechanical assessment.


Software and hardware required: Computer with audio and internet connection, web browser and email.
Previous knowledge required: Basic management of a web browser.


The student who has passed the assessment will be awarded by a certificate of completion, issued by the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV).

The IBV reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course development due to insufficient number of students.
In this case, it will be communicated prior to the start.